1920 Dodge Brothers Depot Hack

Depot Hack 600

Rear, Beaches

I found the car in Kingman, Arizona in Nov of 2010 and had the car shipped to Oregon one month later. It arrived on Dec 24th in a heavy snowstorm but I was able to unload the car and move it to the shop under its own power, snow and all.

I knew that the car was unique and that was reinforced by a PGE Line Crew that happened to be in the parking lot that we unloaded the car. They all came over and wanted to know where I found it and info about the car. They all agreed that they had never seen one. With that I knew the car was special and I needed to find out more about the history of the car.

I purchased the car from the original owner's Grandson so I made the call. The Dodge was purchased new by the Moore family in April of 1920 at the Dodge dealership just outside of Kingman, AZ (town is now a Ghost town) and was to be used by the Grandfather in his work with the Santa Fe Railroad as a Hack Driver (now called Taxi Driver), moving rail passengers from the Terminal to the local hotels.

The car has been passed down in the family and would not have been sold except for the need to pay medical bills. I think what saved the car was the fact that it had never left Kingman its entire life til I shipped it to Oregon.

I spent two and a half years making the car transition from a project to a worthy Street Rod. The Wood on the car was in really bad shape but we were able to use some of it for patterns for the new wood. For the pieces that were missing we cut wood larger and kept trimming them down. The top bows are the original ones from 1920 and were not touched in the process since they were in excellent shape.

The "Hack" has a 1966 327 cu inch bored out to 357 cu inch and is built with full race components. Steel Crank, under cut mains, arp main stems, forged fist top pistons, reworked fueler heads, stainless valves, roller rockers, comp cam. The engine is ported, polished blueprinted and balanced and makes 432 hp @ 5600 rpm. The Chasis is the original Dodge frame with a Heidts front end , 700R4 built tranny, Ford 9inch posi rearend.

The body is all metal with the fenders, cowl, floors, aprons and radiator shell being original. We made the hood and running boards to get the street rod look. The rear fenders were also widened 2".