1965 Plymouth Barracuda

Left side

"When the Barracudas came out in '64 I was excited. I owned a '47 Plymouth club coupe at the time. I wanted a Barracuda but I was in the Army and on my way to Germany and sure to go to Nam some time in the near future so I passed on a Barracuda. A buddy of mine bought a yellow and black '64 that year and I was jealous . Now I have one, only 53 years later," says Bob Westphal.

His car is a '65 Barracuda, with 273 V8 and Torqueflite automatic transmission.

"The car had 99,851 confirmed original miles on the odo when I bought it. The car is kind of a one owner car, in that the original owner decided to fix it up, after it had sat for a long time, and took it to repair shop where the engine was removed and repaired.

Some body work was done and then a crappy repaint repaint was done.  He couldn't pay the bill and it was sold at a Sheriff's sale.

The new purchaser garaged it and did nothing, then it was sold at another Sheriff's sale. The man I bought the car from owned it 7 years and only replaced the rear back light gasket. I replaced the carb, carpet, seat covers, door panels, new tires, replaced the fuel tank and fuel pump, and gave it good tune up. The new paint is called Volcanic Orange."

Right side