1968 Plymouth Sport Suburban – The Great Pumpkin

Childs 68

Rear Back open Interior Right Side

Ideal for tailgaiting …

By Mark Childs

Once the kids were out of college I had always dreamed of a football tailgater.  Then, one day I’m driving around in the neighborhood and there it is.  I’m trying to find something wrong with it because I’m not sure I really want to do this, but thanks to two previous Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club owners spanning over 10 years, it is mechanically very solid.  With a rebuilt ’70 Chrysler 440 Super Commando (TNT?) and recently gone-over 727, the car was practically dent free and very solid (no rust) thanks in part to evidently spending most of its life south of the 45th parallel.  All that was left was to write the checks to Barona’s for the paint and Rob’s for the interior to cure the effect of almost 50 years of weathering and wear.  What do you do, but join the club? 

At show