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The story of the Mayflowers

Not long after the founding of Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club, Vicki Williams revealed in an early newsletter, the club found itself going in two directions at once.

Some members wanted to hang out and work on their cars. As time went by, they took to calling themselves “The Technical Committee.”

Other members wanted to go out, drive around, visit places, and do things. The name “Non-Technical Committee” didn’t seem really appealing, and eventually they started calling themselves Mayflowers, neatly combining Plymouth tradition with the notion of travel. With some exceptions, they manage a weekday outing per month – sometimes more – to a local point of interest.

The groups aren't segregated by gender: women are welcome to turn wrenches with the Tech Committee, and many of the CPPC men enjoy the Mayflowers' weekday outings to local points of interest.

Photos and stories of Mayflower activities appear with the other activities at this link.


















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