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Stitch-n-Embroidery is our source for CPPC club clothes.

Stitch N Embroidery, 408 Beavercreek Road, Suite 406, Oregon City, OR 97045; Phone: 503-557-9090, or email through their website at

Closeup of embroidered patch is at right. 

Patch Detail

Jacket is a Denim Body and Twill Sleeve Letterman Jacket (J761), with 3.5 inch embroidered CPPC Logo on left breast, 9 inch diameter embroidered CPPC Logo on back and name on front.

Jacket price is $110.00 each.

Jacket Back
Jacket front, 3.5" embroidered logo.
Jacket front
Long Sleeve Denim Work Shirt, w/Embroidered CPPC Logo over Pocket - $32.00
Denim shirt

Two Toned Brushed Twill Cap (Denim & Tan DTS)
Denim Cap with Tan Visor – adjustable size cap.

Denim Twin Cap

Flex Fit Cotton Twill Cap (C813)
True Blue – specify size/ stretches to fit


Blue Cap


1946 Plym coverBROCHURE ART & PHOTOS – I have Plymouth brochures from 1932 to 1955, and am constantly adding to my collection. I scan the images, clean them up in Photoshop, and print them poster-size. Click on the picture to see what I have available right now, or contact me if you have a custom project in mind. Talk is free -- there's no charge until I produce something that you like. See what's available at www.raindogeditorial com, or contact Robin Will,


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