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Project Farm = Answers for Garage Handymen

By Phil Lapin / Technical Committee and President

I will admit that I have an insatiable desire to learn about all kinds of things – including automotive products, construction materials and home garage remedies.  Many of you who read this are no doubt like me.  Would you like to have answers that are truthful and verified about these types of things?  Yes! But is the world full of “folklore”, “myths” and Internet deceptions about everything – also Yes!

Project FarmI search around YouTube a lot, and I found a channel that is chock full of good information.  It is called “Project Farm”.  It is run by a fellow named Todd, and he now has over 963,000 subscribers – which is huge.  Todd tests and evaluates all kinds of materials, tools, adhesives, oils and fuels.  Every one of his videos is based upon a subscriber asking him to perform tests on something.  He approaches these tests in a very scientific way, using logical evaluations while designing and building all of his own test fixtures.  He does NOT do endorsements – all of his income is from on line subscribers (donors on Patreon).

You can find this channel by opening YouTube, then doing a search for “Project Farm”.  After his videos start showing up, I would highly recommend you subscribe to this channel.  It has dozens of videos, as he puts a video out weekly. On his site there are subcategories of what he has videos on.
Here are some typical titles for his videos and tests (and this is just a teaser out of all of them):

Candle Wax to Loosen Rusty Nuts a Myth or Hack?
Which Electrical Tape Brand is Best?
Is Flex Tape better than Gorilla and other premium brands?
Which AA Rechargeable Battery is Best after 1 Year?
Does Fuel Stabilizer Prevent Ethanol Damage?
Which Type of Nail or Screw Has the Most Holding Strength?
Which Utility Knife Blade is Best?
Is Leaded Fuel better than Unleaded?
Do Penetrating Oils Block Rust?
Which Super Glue Brand is the Best?
Will Running an Engine on 100% Starting Fluid Cause Damage?
Which Construction Adhesive is Best?
Is Flex Glue better than JB Weld, Gorilla & Loctite?
The Ultimate Threadlocker Competition
Can JB Weld fix a cracked cylinder head?
Which Windshield Wiper Blade is Best?