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All CPPC Activities, 2017

BadeBradX350Here's the list of everything that CPPC has planned for 2016. This year we have included the Mayflowers' activities here, as well. (Mayflowers are a CPPC group focusing less on cars, and more on interesting local destinations.)

Check back here for additions and changes as more information becomes available.

Items with underlines are official club activities, meaning we hope lots of members and their cars turn out. These events are hosted, which means a club member has scouted the drive ahead of time, has chosen a meeting place, and has arranged for coffee and donuts (the club reimburses), and made whatever plans the event requires.

Spur-of-the-moment activities, or updates to this schedule, will be announced by email blast to the membership.

To refresh your memory, look at our Website PICTURES page and review photos and stories about our past club activities.

In addition, there are regular car events in every neighborhood in the metro area, some of them seasonal, and some which go on year-around. Click here or scroll to the bottom of the page for our list of non-club events.









Regular Car Events in the Portland Area

In addition to the events we list as club activities on our calendar, there are ongoing events, possibly right in your neighborhood. Jerry Dixon has created a partial list, and we'll add to it if you email the information to us.

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